Welcome to ClearView Connects™

ClearView Connects™ is a confidential and anonymous reporting service that connects people and organizations. It is a safe and easy way for you to provide information to your organization about some or all of the following issues*:

  • Financial reporting and accounting concerns;
  • Suggestions for improving your organization;
  • Other concerns and issues.

ClearView Connects™ provides our client organizations with open, honest, candid and completely anonymous feedback from their employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers or stakeholders.

ClearView Connects™ is a service of ClearView Strategic Partners Inc., an independent communications consulting company providing confidential and anonymous feedback services to organizations since 1997. Our secure reporting systems are designed to protect your identity. That's our promise.

* For your organization’s specific details, please check with your program administrator.


Using ClearView Connects™

To Make a Report
To use our system to make a Report about an organization, simply enter the organization's name in the box provided below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Please enter an organization name

To Review the Status of a Previously Submitted Report
To review the status of a Report that you have already submitted, enter the login and password that were assigned to you when you made your original Report.

To review the status of your Report please enter your login and password

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